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“Hey guys, we have to meet after 7pm; before then parking is too much trouble.”

The idea behind SPACES was born from a simple conversation between friends catching up after work, lamenting about how absurdly difficult it is to find parking in New York City. How bizarre, we thought, that in this era of technology and innovation elevating everyday conveniences, where one can book an airline seat, get a cab, order food or even find a babysitter from their smartphone, why hasn’t parking been similarly disrupted?

So team SPACES was born to embark on one important mission: to make parking easier.


What started as a simple concept three years ago has grown into a full-scale movement in urban mobility. Not only does SPACES strive to make parking easier, we also want to alleviate urban congestion. We want to bring parking into the shared economy, clear the pathway for smart city planning and implementation, and be at the forefront of automobile automation. Our goal is to take the pain out of parking for drivers so they can get to the important part of their day.

Be a part of the SPACES movement to simply everyday parking.

Don’t park. Find a SPACE.The SPACES Team



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Our mission is to reinvent parking, bring parking into the sharing economy, all the while penetrating further into the value chain and take a leading position as a fully integrated solutions company across the space.