FAQ | SPACES Parking
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What does SPACES do?

SPACES is a technology platform that finally removes the all-too-common pain and stress from the parking process in a way no other parking app does. Only the SPACES smartphone application fully empowers drivers with transparency and choice, rewarding them with speed and simplicity, across the entire parking experience – from finding a garage, to checking-in, viewing parking costs and upcoming rate changes while parked, checking-out and payment. SPACES eliminates cumbersome transactions, pricing surprises, and chronic waiting in line – and the unnecessary stress and anxiety that comes from these unfortunate aspects of the non-SPACES parking experience.


Do I need to create a profile to use the SPACES app?

You do not need to create a profile to Find A Garage. But to experience all the other great time-saving features of the SPACES app – checking-in at a garage, viewing your parking costs and upcoming rate changes, checking-out and paying – simply and seamlessly from your smartphone, you do have to create a profile.

Why do you ask me for my vehicle information?

So we can transmit to the garage all the necessary information they require for parking a car. But you enter the information just once, and we transmit it every time you park with your SPACES app.

What if I have multiple vehicles?

No problem, you can store multiple vehicles and select which vehicle you are using from your stored vehicles when finding a garage and when checking in at a garage.

Can a particular vehicle be stored in multiple profiles?

Sure, we know cars can have multiple drivers, so each driver using a vehicle can store that vehicle information in their own profile.

Why do you ask me for my credit card information?

When you park with your SPACES app, your parking stay is charged to the credit card stored in your SPACES profile. You don’t need to pay the garage at all (other than tipping the friendly attendant for parking and retrieving your car).

Is my credit card information stored in the SPACES app secure?

Absolutely! Your credit card information is actually not stored with SPACES. It is stored, from the moment you enter it, directly with an industry-leading credit card processing company that has implemented all of the best security protocols.


When I click on “Find a Garage,” which location is the app finding garages close to?

The app will return garages near your current location (as long as you have enabled Location Services in your settings).

Is there a way to request garages near a location that I am not at currently?

Definitely. Just tap the search bar at the top of the Find A Garage screen, and you can enter in any location you wish.

Why does a location search not return any garages?

SPACES will only return garages that are within a half-mile of your requested location.

Can I see other garages besides the Best, Closest and Cheapest?

Of course, just scroll along the tiles at the bottom of the Find A Garage page, and locations will populate automatically from closest to farthest from your requested location.

Which garages are shown in the search results?

Garages from some of the most well known names in the parking industry, and this list continues to grow.

Do I need to reserve my parking spot ahead of time?

With SPACES, you don’t have to. We know your plans may change, and we are all about eliminating the stress and anxiety relating to parking. So, we don’t ask you to pay in advance, or figure out exactly how long it will take you to get through the traffic to reach the garage, or know exactly when that big meeting with a potential new client may end (or better yet, if you decide to stay out loner and celebrate closing that new deal)! Just figure out which garage you want to go to, show up and check-in with your SPACES app when it is most convenient for you, and whenever you are done doing whatever it is you need to do, return to the garage and check-out with your SPACES app. No lines, no pricing surprises, no reservations-related stress.


Parking rates can be so confusing! Do I need to determine which rate is the best rate for my parking stay?

No – SPACES does that for you! We look at all the different rates – regular rates, specials, coupons – provided by the garage, and determine what the least expensive rate is for you. We do this as you are finding a garage, when you check-in with the SPACES app, after you’ve parked and you want to see current parking costs and upcoming rate changes, and when you check-out and pay with your SPACES. We’ve got you covered!

Do I need to print out coupons to get special coupon rates?

Not with SPACES! All coupon rates we receive from garages are automatically fed into our system and all necessary information is transmitted back to the garage when you check-in with SPACES to get that coupon rate.

Why do rates change depending on the car I select from my profile?

At SPACES, we want to show you all costs upfront, so there are no surprises. Some garages charge drivers an additional fee if your vehicle is considered oversized (based on dimensions provided by each garage). If there is such a charge, you will see that added amount for your oversize vehicle versus your regular vehicle.


Do I need to be at the garage before checking in?

Yes, you must be at the garage. If you are not, the SPACES app will not allow you to check-in.

Why don’t I see a check-in button when I open the SPACES app and click on “Check-In/Out – Parking Status”?

You are either not at the garage itself, or there may be a communications issue with the app. If you are at the garage, please just check-in with an attendant.

Do I need to have location services enabled on my phone to check-in with SPACES?

Yes you do. Please enable your location services prior to arriving at the garage.

Once I check-in with the SPACES app, what do I need to do?

Just leave your car and keys with the parking attendant. All your necessary vehicle information was seamlessly transmitted to the garage system. Your parking claim check number has been automatically transmitted to your “Check-In/Out – Parking Status” page in the SPACES app, along with your current parking cost and any upcoming rate changes.

Why did the garage attendant give me a paper claim check?

Some garages still like giving you a paper claim check, so you can return it to the attendant upon retrieving your car. But the claim check number should be the same as the number showing in your “Check-In/Out – Parking Status” page in the SPACES app.

What if the number on the paper claim check does not match the claim check number showing in my SPACES app?

The attendant issued a duplicate ticket, ask him to void the ticket.


What if the attendant gave me a paper claim check and I lost it?

No worries, just show the attendant the claim check number stored in your “Check-In/Out – Parking Status” page in the SPACES app.

I forgot where I parked my car, what should I do?

No problem, we’ve got you covered. We’ve stored the garage name and location in your “Check-In/Out – Parking Status” page in the SPACES app.